Month: June 2021

Anime lovers make friends

A group of anime fans in Perth are turning their love of anime into something positive and creating a new social platform called Anime Friends.“We’ve got about 30 people who are just fans and they’re really passionate about it and they want to see more people get involved and become involved,” said James Haggard.“It’s about […]

The Making of a Bond movie: The Making Of A Bond Villain

When Daniel Craig was cast as Bond in The Bond Villains, he was given a mission to make Bond look like an older James Bond.Craig’s Bond was a “retired” version of the character, so Bond’s look was based off of his time in retirement, and Craig’s character was “old”.The actor’s costume designer, Michael De Luca, […]

How to be friends with someone who’s nude

MAKE FRIENDS: “Make friends with them and they’ll make friends with you.You can do the same with them.””Make a friend and you can’t keep them away.””Don’t be mean to them and if you’re mean to someone, they’ll hate you.””Get along with them, be nice to them, talk to them about their day.If you have a […]

Which is the best way to make friends online?

I made friends with an adorable cat on Twitter.I’m still trying to figure out what makes someone friend-worthy, but I’m pretty sure it’s the “Make Friends Like You” theme.I think the answer to the above question is “make friends” or “make great friendships.”I’ve made a lot of friends online and have made friends that I […]

How to make chinese pals online with a video game

Making friends online with games has never been easier thanks to the likes of the popular game “Chino Town” and “Minecraft”.The game allows players to make friends online, and now Minecraft and “Chinatown” are becoming your new favorite online games to play.Minecraft and “chinese friends” made friends online?What?This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a […]

CNN, ABC, NBC and more: Trump and the GOP’s 2020 comeback plan

The Trump administration is expected to announce its 2020 budget Tuesday.The Trump team will use the budget to fund infrastructure, cut taxes and increase the number of border patrol agents and immigration officers.CNNMoney is tracking the Trump administration’s plan for a 2020 budget, which will likely be unveiled as early as Tuesday morning.Here’s what you […]


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