‘I am a Filipino-American but I am proud of my heritage’

I was born and raised in the Philippines.

My mother was a member of the United States Navy and my father was an American naval officer.

I grew up as an American and have had a great sense of belonging in my family.

However, my heritage is not as important to me as my heritage, or my culture.

It’s my identity that matters to me.

Filipinos have long held that Filipinos should have equal citizenship rights.

But, when it comes to the question of nationality, the country that I call home has its own identity issues.

“My ancestors were Filipino and my mother is Filipino.

I am Filipino-born, and I am a member the Filipino- American community,” said Filipina K. L. de la Rosa, president of the Filipino American Legislative Caucus.

“But I am also Filipino-Canadian.

My parents came to Canada and were immigrants, but we have a very deep Filipino identity.

It is my mother who is my ancestor.

My father was a soldier in the Philippine military.

I have a Filipino grandfather.

I’m proud of our history.

I love our culture and history.”

It is my ancestry that matters, but my culture and heritage is a separate issue, said De La Rosa.

She and other Filipino-Americans have been working to create a Filipino national identity.

I believe Filipinos can be proud of the history of our country and the Filipinos that came here, said de la Rosas.

When the Senate approved an immigration bill that gave Filipinos a path to citizenship in October, De La Rosas was the first Filipino- Canadian in the Senate.

“The Filipino-Canada community has had a history of not having a lot of people in the United State,” she said.

While De La Rosenthal says she’s happy with the bill, she has a number of issues with it.

She is concerned that the bill will lead to a “separate immigration system.”

She also wants the Senate to set aside a few years for Filipinos to learn about their heritage.

“There is a need for us to understand our own culture and our own history before we can be part of the country,” she told the Canadian Press.

We’ve had a long history with the Filipinas, and we should not be punished for that. “

This is a big step forward.

We’ve had a long history with the Filipinas, and we should not be punished for that.

This is about us.”

If you or anyone you know needs help, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.


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