How to make friends in Sydney

Bumper stickers that make friends are everywhere these days, but how do you keep your loved ones in touch with the people you love?

It’s a task that could easily take up to two years of your time, according to one new study.

A new survey conducted by the National Institute of Health found that about one in 10 Australians have already made friends in the past month, with some finding them through social media.

“The most common reason for new friendships is a lack of communication,” study author and psychologist Dr John Walker, from the University of New South Wales, said.

“I’m not sure if that’s true of the majority of people who have friends, but I think it’s definitely true of a minority.”

He said the most common reasons people had friends was because of a mutual interest.

“If you’re talking about a particular kind of person, you might have a mutual admiration and love for that person,” he said.

The study, which surveyed more than 5,000 people, also found that there was a strong connection between the type of person you are talking to and whether or not you’re able to keep them in contact with you.

The survey also found more than one-quarter of people said they did not know the name of a friend who they have made friends with.

Dr Walker said that the study was interesting because it showed there are people who are trying to make new friends through social networking sites, but they’re also finding themselves missing out on friendships.

“We have an increasing number of people looking for people to meet up with on social media, and they’re often not able to meet anyone in person,” Dr Walker said.

He said if you can’t meet someone in person, or if you’re too busy to be out, then a social media app could be an option.

“You can’t be out all day and not be able to be with your friends, and there are all sorts of things that you can do to make that happen,” he explained.

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