How to make friends in the online world with a font maker

A new way to make people online friends has been created by a woman who’s made more than 200,000 fonts and has over 3.2 million downloads.

The online font maker Meesha, a free app, lets users create and upload fonts to make their friends’ web pages.

For those who don’t have a computer, they can use the app to create and share their own fonts.

The app’s creators say that Meesa’s toolkit lets them quickly create fonts, even for free, with a variety of different font formats.

“It’s a huge opportunity for us, because this is the first time you can really have a font available for free,” Meeshas founder and CEO Amy Wills told Business Insider.

Wills told the site that the company has already begun working with companies such as Microsoft and Google to provide free fonts.

The fonts have been downloaded by more than 100 million people, she said.

“This is not something that we have been planning on, but we’re working really hard to make it happen,” she said, adding that Meeesha’s toolset will help developers build more customizable fonts.

“The people who are creating these fonts are very passionate about the fonts and the work that they’re doing, and they want to be able to share their work with other people,” Wills said.

While Meesas fonts are free, they cost $1.99 per font, according to the company.

“You don’t pay for that, you download them for free and you make them,” Wiesa told Business Insiders.

“We can offer free fonts to people that are already using our apps.”

She also said that the font creator’s tool has a wide selection of fonts, including Microsoft’s “Microsoft Word” font, and the popular “Bold” font from Microsoft.

Wiesa said that, while she doesn’t plan to release her font tool anytime soon, the company is looking for a “huge amount of people to make use of it.”

“We’re always looking to make this available to as many people as possible,” she told BusinessInsiders.

She also noted that Meersa is not affiliated with Microsoft or Google, which both charge $3.99 for their free fonts, which includes free shipping.

Wesa said she’s also looking to attract more users.

“We need to find the people who have already used the font that they think might want to download this tool,” she added.

“It’s really important for us to get the word out.”


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