How to make friends with Lego friends

Made friends with LEGO Friends is a LEGO game that lets you make friends, or at least share some Lego fun with others.

You have to be in a group of two or more Lego Friends and then select the two or three people you want to make fun of.

If you are in a room with a LEGO Friend, they will share the conversation with you.

If not, they can take turns sharing it with you, too.

They can be as random as they like, or even a specific LEGO Friend.

They are not limited to Lego Friends that have been created by a user of the website, but the game lets you create a bunch of your own.

If someone is making fun of a particular person, you can share that with them as well.

The game is a great way to share some fun with your friends and has some nice features like a search function, a social share feature, and even a message button that lets people who you have made friends with reply to your posts.

Make friends is available for $4.99 on the iOS App Store, which includes a variety of themes.

I was able to play the game in its early alpha version, and I have to say that it’s an interesting little game that is not too challenging and that it has a lot of charm to it.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to build friendships with others, and to people looking to share their LEGO creations.

The Lego Friends app is also available for Windows Phone 8.1, Android 4.2, iOS 7, and Linux.


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