Meet the #420 community in Bangalore, India

Bangalore: A #420-friendly social media group in Bangalore has been set up in response to the ban on #MakeAmends.

The group, called #420Friends, has grown from a small group of friends, to more than 20,000 people in a matter of days.

“I came up with this idea of creating this group because I’m not happy with the ban and I’m still very confused about what it means,” says Shailesh Choudhury, a member of the group.

“It’s very hard for me to communicate with people from my personal experience.

I’m a very introverted person, so I’m used to being alone, and I have no idea how to connect with people.”

One of the biggest challenges the group faces is finding a way to use the social media platform to organise social events.

The other big challenge is finding venues for social events, with some events taking place outside the city.

For those that do use social media to organise events, however, the experience is much more tolerable than it was when the ban was announced.

“Now I can’t go to the event because I don’t know what is going on inside my mind,” says Choudsary.

Many of the people in the group are not in the social circles of their friends and their families. “

They say I am a newbie, but in reality, I am used to it.”

Many of the people in the group are not in the social circles of their friends and their families.

“Most of my friends are very busy and I am still struggling to get a job because I am always in search of work,” says Arshad Kumar, a 20-year-old student.

“The other day, I was talking to my family and my parents.

I was asking them, ‘Why do you not give me a job?’

They were like, ‘We are just like you.’

I said, ‘I’m very lonely and my family is very nice, but what am I supposed to do?’

People from my hometown are my closest friends, but not enough of them come to events.”


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