The awkward people who are making friends at the same party

Politico — The awkward friends are making new friends at their own party.

As the holidays approach, they are taking their friends to a party and chatting up each other to get a feel for the atmosphere.

In a series of tweets, friends of the hosts of the show The View, which is airing on the TLC network, shared photos of their new acquaintances at the party, where they are all mingling.

“We’re going to have so much fun,” one said, according to BuzzFeed News.

Another shared a photo of the hostess and a friend of hers in their party outfits.

A third shared photos from a dinner party with friends of a friend.

“It’s been a blast.

This is our third time this year.

It’s been amazing to see these people come together and connect with each other and have fun,” host Emily Renda said.

In another tweet, host Tamra Judge said, “We had so much great fun last night, but we are just not ready to go to bed yet.”

“We have a lot of fun this week and the rest of the week, so I am looking forward to the rest!” host Tamara Keith wrote.

The hosts of The View have been sharing photos and videos of their friends in the party.

Some of the photos include photos of the women and men they are hanging out with, with the caption, “My friend and I just had a really great time!”

The hosts also shared photos with each of their guests and a video of their dinner party.

“These are all my friends,” a host, who is known only as The View host, wrote in one video.

“And some of them are our family.

We’ve been getting some new friends.

And we’re all doing great.”


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