What is the best way to make Japanese friends in Japan?

A new Japanese study finds that making Japanese friends is a lot easier than making friends in the U.S. or in any other Asian country.

In fact, making friends with people from countries other than your own can make you a better friend than your best friend.

The researchers found that making friends and staying in close contact with them are more likely to succeed in Japan.

“The best way of making Japanese is to have Japanese friends,” said the study’s lead author, Akira Suzuki, of Tokyo University.

“That way you’ll be able to understand what kind of person they are and be able connect with them better.”

The study is titled “Making Japanese friends and being in close relationships: The impact of being a foreigner and nationality on the Japanese friendship process.”

The researchers surveyed 1,100 Japanese adults in their early 20s and 30s about their experiences making friends, their relationship with their friends, and how they made friends.

The data included questions about their relationships with friends in each country and how well they made their friends’ relationships better.

They also collected information about their Japanese-speaking friends, including how many had Japanese-language friends, how often they spoke Japanese and whether they were friends with Japanese speakers.

The researchers then looked at how Japanese-Americans fared compared to people of other nationalities in the study.

The study found that Japanese-American people were about two times as likely as other groups to make friends in their own country.

The average Japanese- American friend made about 10 more contacts with their Japanese friend each week than they made with a non-Japanese-American friend.

The study also found that the relationship between Japanese- Americans and their Japanese friends improved as they became more familiar with each other.

Japanese-Americans were more likely than other groups of people to have a Japanese-origin friend in their immediate family.

But the relationship didn’t improve as they made more friends with their foreign-origin friends.

The survey also showed that Japanese people with Asian heritage were less likely to make their friends Japanese than those who were not.

The average Japanese friend made only 3.4 contacts with a person who spoke Japanese to their Japanese partner each week, compared to 7.6 contacts with an Asian-origin person.


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