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This article is part of TechCrunch’s “Snapchat for Business” series, which includes articles on Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest.

Snapchat has long been a target of criticism, particularly from users for not having a proper user experience.

A lot of users have said the company is not designed to be a mobile-first platform and that users shouldn’t have to worry about being “snapped” when their content is shared.

“Snapchat is great for people who want to take selfies and snap pictures, but it’s terrible for people doing business,” says Ryan Smith, an entrepreneur and co-founder of the business consultancy JDRF.

“If you’re a business owner who needs a platform that’s great for everyone, you shouldn’t worry about snapping.”

The social media company’s app has been criticized for its lack of a proper way to control access to content, with a lack of clear guidelines for sharing content on the platform, which could be a problem for brands who are worried about having too much of their content shared.

Snapchat has also come under fire from its users for allowing people to delete their accounts or ban accounts that they dislike.

Snap is not the only company that has been subject to a backlash.

Last week, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel admitted that his company was not designed with users in mind.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Spiegel admitted he and his team were not focused on user experience and instead focused on “building our business model.”

In a recent post, Spiegel said he hoped the company could “come out of this phase” and start to “explore how we can build our platform for the long term.”


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