Why Legos are so popular among kids

Legos, for all their design and play value, are still relatively new to children.

The average age for a first-grade student to build a Lego set was 11, according to the 2016 survey of 1,000 kindergarten-aged children.

But the toys were also popular with kids who didn’t have access to the internet, according a 2017 study by the nonprofit Legoland Research.

Legos have since made inroads with the growing demographic of tweens and teens, and a number of the toys are being designed for the future, said Andrew Hager, director of Legoland’s consumer research arm.

But for the first time, Legos might be the most popular toy among kids who aren’t yet on the internet.

For example, in an age when we’re all glued to Facebook and Instagram, there are so many other opportunities for us to engage with others online, he said.

It’s the new kid on the block.

And it’s also part of a wider trend in kids’ toys.

While we’ve seen Lego-related products proliferate across the home, it’s a different kind of trend.

“For years, we’ve had kids building their own toys, and Lego was the new toy, the big one,” Hager said.

The company has been slowly ramping up its Lego online store, offering a range of new Lego products.

“We’re excited to introduce a range that’s going to be as appealing to a broader audience of young kids as we’ve ever offered,” Haggert said.

One of the new products is a Lego version of the popular Lego characters Spider-Man and Deadpool.

“Lego’s Spider-man, Deadpool, are a great pair,” said one of the store’s marketing reps, who asked to remain anonymous.

“And Lego’s the ultimate superhero.

It just so happens that they are Lego versions of each other.”

For kids ages 4 and up, Lego is offering a Lego Spider-Girl set with three Lego characters.

The Spider-Girls come in three different colors: purple, red and blue.

Kids can buy the Lego Spider Girl set from the Lego Shop, and can also buy a Lego Deadpool costume, which includes a Deadpool mask, Spider-Buster armor, and an action figure.

The Lego Spider Heroes come in purple, yellow and blue and are available for $15.

They come with five Lego heroes, and the Lego Deadpool is $15 and available for free.

Kids who want a Spider-girl set can also pick up a Spiderbuster, which comes in five different colors, including purple, blue and green.

“You can also get a Spider Buster, which is the superhero version of Spider-Men, Spider Busters and Spider-Guns,” said the rep.

The store also has a variety of other Lego products for kids ages 3 to 6.

“The Lego Spider Shop is a great place to get Lego sets and toys for the kids, but the Lego Heroes are really cool for young people who want something fun,” said Emily M. Kowal, a spokeswoman for Lego.

“They’re toys that can be built and can be played with, and they’re a great way to get kids to build their own Lego sets.”

The company is also introducing a Lego Star Wars set, which offers five Star Wars characters, along with an action-figure, minifigure and a figure.

For the younger audience, Lego’s Toy Story set includes six Lego characters and four action figures.

The Toys For Tots line of toys is a collection of popular children’s books, and is available for about $10.

“It’s not really Lego, it is a lot of fun for kids who don’t know any better,” said Katie Ruhlmann, the spokeswoman for Toys For Teenagers, which provides the toys.

If you want a kid to build and play together, they’re going to really like Lego,” she said.

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