4 ways to make friends with people you barely know

The makers of the new movie The Coen Brothers’ Coenpiches have shared a few tricks for making friends with strangers.

The movie stars Ben Affleck and Ethan Hawke as a pair of co-founders of an Internet video game company called Coenvision, who are forced to find a way to create an online community in order to keep their company afloat.

The video game game, which had over 15 million registered users at the time of its release in 2007, is about a pair named Kevin and Ethan, who meet in a video game room in a small Texas town.

In the film, Kevin and his best friend Ethan are trying to raise money for a new video game, while trying to keep the two separate in a digital world.

“It was about creating an environment where the characters and the story could really resonate with anyone,” Affleck told CNNMoney at the IndieGameCon 2016 event in San Francisco.

The Coen brothers’ Coens have also made a video, titled “How to Make Friends,” for the Coen Institute.

The film features a number of the Coens’ friends, including actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Poehler, who were all introduced in the film.

The film was inspired by a story about the first time Kevin and Amy met and started dating, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“They got on well enough in the beginning, but then they got together and the relationship just went south,” Affck said.

“And so we started talking about how we could put them together and have them be friends and how we wanted to make sure that it would be a happy, stable, happy relationship, and it did.”

Affleck’s and Gylldenhaal’s characters also play a big role in the movie.

The duo’s relationship with their parents has grown more complicated, with Kevin increasingly worried about his future as the father of his two younger siblings.

“In the book, I was talking to a friend of mine, and I said, ‘I think you and Kevin are going to go down a path where they’re going to be a couple of people, but you’re still the husband,'” Gyll said.

The filmmakers also shared a short clip of their movie’s characters talking to each other.

In the clip, Kevin is discussing his love for Amy and her interest in making a video for CoenVision, while Ethan is making his own video game.

“I love how we have the idea that we are the creators, the actors, and the writers of our own narrative, and that it is just the game that we’re playing,” Affllo said.

“We’re just making the game, we’re not the characters.

We’re just the players.”


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