Alabama makes friends with Alabamians who made global friends

Alabama makes global friends with people who made local friends, according to a new survey.

The state was one of just a handful of states where people were asked if they would make friends with someone who made a friend in another state.

The state’s state-level surveys on making friends with friends revealed the results of an online poll conducted by, an online publication that aggregates news from around the country.

The survey found that about 10% of respondents made local friendships with people they met online.

About 20% made local connections with people from other states.

About 4% made friend ties with people in Alabama who made friends in other states and made friends with those who made connections with those same people in other countries.

But more than 40% of those surveyed said they made local ties to friends who made friend connections in other state, the survey found.

The findings are a reminder that people don’t necessarily have to make friends in Alabama.

Alabama made a local connection with a person who made an online friendship.

Alabama is the second-largest U.S. state in terms of population and it has a reputation for being a place of people making friends.

It’s also a place that’s seen some of the biggest drops in crime rates.

The data shows that people from Alabama have a higher likelihood of making a friend with someone they know from another state, as opposed to people who make friends from the same state who made contact in other places.

The most common reason people were given for making friend connections was making a connection online.

The survey found 44% of people said they connected with people online because of the chance of them making a new friend.

About 18% said they linked because of something like “a friend from school.”

But about 6% of the people surveyed said that was not the reason they made a new friendship, and about 7% said it was because they made friends because they had a friend who made new friends in their state.

People who made friendships with others from other parts of the country are more likely to make new connections, according the study.

People making new connections are more common than people making friendships from other places because they tend to be people who are already friends with their new friends, and are also people who have a wider range of friends.

This new study also found that the majority of people who met online made new friendships with someone from Alabama.

The data found that 51% of new connections were made with people making new friendships in other Alabama counties.


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