How to make friends in the making of the new Star Wars film

By making friends in making Star Wars, George Lucas has succeeded in making us all friends again.

The movie has been released in Australia, New Zealand, India and Russia, with its first foreign-language release expected later this month. 

“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens in cinemas on December 18. 

In the latest episode, Han Solo and Leia Organa, now Leia’s estranged father, go on a scavenger hunt for food and supplies in an abandoned Imperial supply ship. 

The two must navigate the environment and scavenger through an Imperial-controlled city on the moon of Endor.

The scavenger mission involves a large number of scavengers and scavengers of different ages and genders. 

One of the main characters, Lando Calrissian, is a scavenging scavenger and one of the last of the bounty hunters who were once bounty hunters. 

He is also a member of the Rebel Alliance.

Han Solo and his friends, Leia Organas and Chewbacca, are tasked with finding food on the desolate moon of Jedha and find a way to survive in the harsh environment of Endo.

The pair, along with Han’s sister, R2-D2, make it to the moon, but when they discover the Imperial blockade, they are forced to flee the world, and Han is kidnapped.

Lando Calron, Han’s younger brother, is captured and forced to join the Rebellion and become a stormtrooper.

Lando is not a bad guy, and he is one of my favorite characters in the film. 

We’ve seen him on the streets of Jakku. 

Han and Leia find a droid factory in the desert on Endor, and the two are forced into a battle to survive and fight for the freedom of their people.

Lando is the first and only one of Han and Leia’s group to survive, as his mother is killed by an Imperial sniper. 

I loved the fact that Lando was the only member of their group to be captured. 

Lingering memories of my childhood when Han and I were scavenging for food on Jakku have become a major theme of the film, with Lando, Chewbaca, and R2 D2 making their first appearance. 

When we first meet Lando in “The Force Awakens”, we are shocked by the extent of his scavenging abilities. 

His skills and knowledge of the environment are impressive, and I’m pretty sure I’ve played the game before where I saw him at work on a farm, on a cliff, in the field. 

On one of his expeditions, Landos finds a piece of a lightsaber hidden on a fallen rock. 

With his scavenged knowledge of a place, he’s able to use it to defeat a storm trooper. 

As the credits roll, Han and the others are stunned by Lando’s sudden appearance.

I remember thinking that Landos was such a cool character, and his return to the film really made me feel a sense of accomplishment. 

Now I think of that scene where he’s on the beach with Leia and R3-D4, and she’s watching him with a smile on her face. 

This is a great example of the power of nostalgia and the power that can come from watching the same films over and over.

Han and Luke’s reunion is especially memorable, as they are reunited in a flashback sequence.

Han was a little older, Luke was a bit younger, and they were both young. 

They were together for only two years, and it was very poignant to see the two of them come together in a scene like that. 

If you look back at all of the movies I’ve been a fan of, “Star Wars” was one of them, but I’ve never been as moved by Han and Luke as I was by this.

The movie was written by JJ Abrams, and directed by Rian Johnson. 

There is some discussion in the comments section about the inclusion of a black character in the movie, but this is not true.

The story is told by a black person, and that person is named Leia.

I am not a fan or an expert on race relations in Hollywood, but it does not make me feel any less of a fan.

The film is filled with amazing and powerful characters and scenes, and its wonderful to see this in a film that has such a rich history. 

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