Oxford’s Facebook Messenger app is finally live – and now it has a Facebook page!

Oxford’s Facebook app has been live for the last few days and the app has gained a new name – “friends” – with a link to the new Facebook page.

Oxford is now the first UK university to have a Facebook app, and it has the most active users of any university on the app.

Oxbridge has been experimenting with a new social media app called “friends”, and a few other universities around the world are experimenting with similar apps.

Facebook Messenger was launched in 2011 and was intended to make it easier for students to meet their friends, share photos, and get help from friends.

However, Facebook Messenger has become more popular as people have adopted the service as a tool for connecting with friends, even if they’re not connected to their university.

Facebook says it will continue to improve the app, but it is also expanding its Messenger platform to make the app more convenient and useful for people who don’t have a university account.

Oxfolk have also launched a Facebook group to help people connect with other people in the Oxford community, as well as a website dedicated to Oxford students and their friends.

The Oxford group has a page with more than 20,000 people, and is one of the most popular groups on the site.

OxFam, which launched in 2014, is an app that allows people to join events and get discounts from stores.

Facebook says the app is free for all users, and that people can sign up for it at www.facebook.com/fam.

Facebook also has a section of its website dedicated specifically to “social networking, networking events, and social media” called “Oxford Students”.

There are also “OxFamous” pages, “Oxfam” pages and “Oxbridge University” pages.

Oxfams are not just a page for people to say hello to, they are also a way for users to connect with people on campus.

“The people in these pages have a lot of stories to share,” Facebook says on its site.

“We hope you will feel the same.

You can reach out and connect with them.”

In addition to the Facebook page, Oxfam also has Facebook groups for people from across the university, including “The Oxford University Student Facebook Group” which has more than 12,000 members.

The Oxford Student Facebook group has more users than the Facebook group for Oxford University.

Oxford has the highest number of users on Facebook in the UK, with more people visiting the page per capita than any other UK university.

Oxfam also hosts an annual “Oxfall” event, which brings together the students, faculty and staff of the university to share a few laughs and laughs with their peers.

In September, Oxford became the first university in the world to launch a website called “Facebook” for the purpose of promoting the Oxford University Facebook page and social networking tools.

Facebook is also working on a “Facebook Messenger” app for other UK universities.


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