Which is better: the fox or the horse?

By Medical News Online StaffThe question of which species of horse is best for your horse has been hotly debated in the horse breed world for decades, with some saying a horse that has been bred for its speed and strength is best.

But a new study has found that while a fox is more agile than a horse, a fox will not be a good companion for a horse.

This study by scientists at the University of Michigan has looked at how the horse and fox compare.

The scientists were looking at how foxes and horses fared in a series of tests to assess how well a horse and dog will co-operate when they are on the same pasture.

They were looking for how well the fox and horse would interact when it came to tracking and handling each other and whether they would behave with a similar level of aggression when they came across each other.

The researchers used the new test results to determine which fox is best suited to a horse when it comes to working and interacting with other animals.

They found that a fox with a larger size would be better for a human and better for an animal that has more intelligence than the fox.

It is important to note that the study was conducted with a large group of horses and the researchers were not looking at horses that had been bred specifically to be foxes.

The research has been published in the journal Scientific Reports.


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