How to make friends with the meme maker who made the #JewMelt meme

By Axios / Staff WriterIf you’re like many millennials, you probably have a meme that has stuck with you over the years.

And now, the meme creator behind that meme may be back at it, this time in a new project with the hashtag #Jewmelt.

According to BuzzFeed, the video game company DICE, which is owned by EA, is collaborating with an unnamed company to create a game about creating memes for the internet.

DICE will be using a new team of artists, including DICE’s own artists, to work on the game.

It’s unclear how the new project will differ from the one DICE launched in 2015, but it seems likely that the new game will focus on making memes that highlight the struggles of Jews, specifically the Jews who are not Jewish.

For now, it seems that DICE has only started to work out some of the creative challenges of making a game centered around a meme, but the team has already begun creating some of its own memes.

In 2015, the DICE team created a game called #JewSmash, a game that allowed players to take on the role of a Jew who was a member of a violent criminal gang and beat up other Jews.

The game also featured a number of other memes, such as #JewBurn.

As BuzzFeed reported, the game was one of many that featured memes, including the infamous #JewBeat.

But while the #Burn meme became a meme in its own right, many people weren’t convinced that it was a real meme.

While some have criticized the game as being a joke, the real meme is that #Jewsmash was a joke that got a lot of attention in 2015 because it was funny.


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