The real hero of Arumugam, the ‘Acharya’ of the Acharyas

Arumugenam Acharya, the “Acharyas” of the Bharatavas, was born on November 9, 1859 in Madurai.

He was the eldest son of a Brahmin family.

Arumu, the eldest, was a teacher in a college of art and crafts at Tirumala College.

Arunam is also said to have been the first to study the Vedas and became a great follower of Krishna.

He was a scholar of philosophy and theology, and was one of the most eminent of the “Arumugas”.

His fame reached beyond his hometown of Madurai and was noticed in various parts of the world.

He had become the patron saint of the Madurai University of Art and Crafts.

He became the head of the college and the head priest of the Tirumalai temple.

He became the first head priest to receive the title of “Chandramukh”, the chief priest of Bharatas.

In his lifetime, he was also called “Arundhati”.

Arumu Acharya was the second in line to the title “Chandra” (the highest).

In his youth, he took the name “Vinayak” or “Vishnu” as a mark of distinction.

His brother, Prasunam, was the first in line after him to the “Chandal”, the highest position in the Hindu caste system.

Vivek Acharya (1868-1939)Arumuvai was the last in line, and his name was also adopted by his father, Vyasamannam.

He is said to be the founder of the first yoga school in India, where yoga was taught from the age of nine to 15.

He made a strong impression on his followers, and became their chief minister.

The followers, however, were not so impressed by his philosophy.

Arumugenavam Acharyya (1865-1938)Viveka was the youngest in line of the family.

His father was the head minister in Madras.

He gave birth to Arumukh, the youngest of the four sons of Arunu.

Vyayacharya, who was not a devotee of any religion, became a staunch Hindu.

He served as the chief minister of Madras for several years and was appointed to the Supreme Court by the government.

His daughter Viveka, on the other hand, was not inclined to accept the religion of the Hindus, so she decided to become a Brahmana and converted to Christianity.

She converted to Islam and became an imam in Kerala.

The story of Arumarugam Acharies life is a very unique one.

His early life was a very humble one.

Aru is said that Arumuvayam had to beg from the gods for food and shelter.

His family was poor, and he was able to save only a portion of his money by selling some of his possessions.

When Arumuram came to India, he brought with him a lot of money, but the money was never enough for him to buy enough food and drink for his family.

He then decided to take a boat and travel to the sea and meet with the gods.

After he had spent some time on the boat, he decided to follow his dream and went back to the land of his parents and his family to see if they had seen him yet.

They told him that they did not know him.

He returned to his home town of Madura.

His parents were then in dire straits, and so he decided that he would give up his life and go to heaven.

His plan was to go there and meet his parents, his brothers and sisters.

His life would be saved and his money would be restored.

But he was not to follow this dream and he died while he was on the sea, drowning in the river of the gods and going to heaven in the boat.

His body was carried by the gods to heaven and he had to wait till the morning.

The body of Aru Acharyyya was then carried by his parents to their house.

His last words to them were, “Lord, please help me.”

His father had gone to the gods as he was a devoteee of Vishnu and the gods were in deep anguish.

They prayed to the god for mercy and salvation, and offered up their bodies to the deity for a new life.

The Gods gave Arumutavam a new body and the old one, Arumamu, was taken to heaven by the Brahmans.

Aruma Acharyakar, the younger son, was also given a new corpse.

Arugamuvai Acharyam (1864-1937)Aru had a difficult time in life.

He did not have any children and he suffered from depression and was not allowed to leave his family home.

He died of pneumonia, but


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