When the dog died, the world lost its best friend

Anchikaps, a two-year-old Labrador retriever, passed away after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

He was taken to a veterinary hospital in KwaZulu-Natal but later died.

“I think people should know that we are in our world and that everything happens for a reason and that he had no control over it,” his owner, Joanne O’Neill, said.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to put my mind back together again, but I am very proud of my dog,” she said.

Ms O’Neil said she had been trying to raise money for his funeral, but her charity, Friends of Achikaps Fund, was not allowed to use the funds.”

The only way we can go forward is by fundraising and we have to work with Friends of the Dogs to get those funds out of the bank,” she told The Irish News.

Ms Dolan said Achikap had been a loving companion for her since they were six months old.

Her mum, Joanna, said she was shocked when she heard of Achakap’s death.”

It was a wonderful dog and I loved him.

He was very gentle and affectionate,” she added.

Joanne said the family was devastated by Achikapped’s death and that they had been “in a state of shock”.”

I have no words to describe what we have been through,” she wrote on Facebook.

Friends of Achikoaps Fund said in a statement that it was devastated to hear of Achika’s death, adding that the organisation had raised more than $1,000 in the past two days to assist the family.”

Friends of the Animals has been making great efforts to assist Achikas family in their time of need, and will continue to do so,” the statement read.”

Achikap was a beautiful dog who was a joy to have around and had the utmost respect for his owner.

“Friends of Friends of Friends said that Achikaks death was a terrible loss for his family and the many friends who had cared for him.”

We can only imagine what Achik’s family is going through now, and we wish them the best in their recovery,” the charity said.


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