Facebook, Twitter, and their friends make more money from ads than you think

People who subscribe to Facebook and Twitter can make a good bit of money from ad impressions, a study shows.

According to research from social analytics firm Zwift, ad impressions make up roughly 50% of revenue from Facebook and 56% of ad revenue on Twitter.

The other 36% comes from ad revenue from Instagram.

The researchers looked at ad impressions from the top 1 million social media accounts across all social networks, and found that ads on Facebook accounted for 52% of total ad revenue in the US and 58% in the UK.

The same was true for Twitter: ad revenue accounted for 54% of the company’s ad revenue.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media companies, accounting for almost 80% of US online advertising revenue in 2018, according to Zwifts research.

It’s also one of Google’s top revenue drivers, with the company collecting over $9 billion in ad revenue last year, according the company.

Instagram also has huge ad revenue, as it’s the most popular photo sharing app.

Instagram has a reputation for being a very safe social network, but its ad revenue comes from a small number of accounts, and the vast majority of that comes from just 10% of users.

“While Instagram’s ad-sharing model makes the company highly profitable, it has yet to provide any data on how many people use Instagram and how many advertisers have paid to get into the system,” Zwifter said.

The data comes from an online survey Zwiter conducted on 10,000 people, which Zwife conducted with Facebook and Google.

It also included responses from 1,000 online businesses.

“There’s nothing to show the actual number of people who have used Instagram, but we found that about 5% of those who had an account had a user that was signed in to the Instagram platform,” Zweifel said.

Facebook has since removed the “verified” section of the account’s profile, which allowed for the survey to be taken.

Zwifel also said the data is still not complete, and that the data could be skewed by the people who use Instagram, the companies that have sponsored it and the people that are using the service itself.

But he said that the results are important, because it helps explain how Instagram’s platform has become so popular.

Facebook and Instagram have come under fire for their ads on other platforms, including YouTube, in recent months.

They have also come under scrutiny for advertising practices in the video game industry.

In December, YouTube suspended more than 4 million accounts linked to the ad platform after an investigation by a federal law firm found that advertisers had bought a share of YouTube’s revenue from videos that were hosted on the platform.

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