Snapchat is making it easier to make snap friend links on Instagram

If you’ve ever wanted to make friends on Instagram, but you’re afraid you’ll lose your account if you use the same username as your friends on Snapchat, then Snapchat is here to help.

Snapchat announced yesterday that it is launching a new feature called Snapfriend, which lets you easily link friends in Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter profiles.

You can link your snap friend photos to your Instagram account in the app and link your Snap friends photos to Instagram accounts that you can manage.

This is useful for Instagram users who are on different accounts but who also have the same snap account.

Snap Chat, Instagram, and other social networks have a feature called a “friend request” that lets you request a friend, or send a friend a message, via a simple text or video.

You just have to choose whether to send a request or not.

You’ll then get a notification from Snapchat saying that your request has been made and you can see how many other friends have tagged your profile.

You can make snap link requests for a variety of things, but Instagram is one of the first social networks to offer a snap link feature.

There are other options, like Instagram Live, but they are all limited to friends that you’re on Instagram.

Snap has made this a little easier to use with the new Snapfriend feature.

You simply choose the photo or photo title that you want to add a link to, then click “Add link to Instagram,” and it’ll pop up the link you selected.

For example, you can add a picture of your kids to your snap link and see their caption.


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