Japan: The first episode of Anime Maker makes its debut on TV in Japan

Japanese fans will soon be able to watch the first episode online in English as the official website for Anime Maker has officially opened up the site for English speaking fans to watch.

The official anime channel of Japan’s MBS broadcaster NTV will begin streaming the first season of Anime Masterworks on Wednesday.

The official Anime Maker website announced that the website will open for live streaming of the first part of the anime on Wednesday at 10am (Tokyo time) and the second part at 10:30am (KST).

The first part is available to view at 10pm (Tokyu time) on Wednesday and the third part will be available to watch at 11pm (Kotatsu time).

The website also said that the first two episodes will be streamed in Japanese and English.

The third part of Anime Masters, the first half of which will be aired on Saturday, will be in English.

The anime is a new anime series from Shueisha and is produced by Nippon Ichi Software.

The anime has been described as a combination of “anime-based games” and “a sort of slice of life manga.”

It stars a young girl named Shiori (voice of Miharu Narita), who lives in the city of Kansai, Japan, and becomes a manga artist.

Shiorimatsu’s life takes a turn when she meets the man she likes, Shino (voice aka Yumiko), and she eventually decides to join the manga and manga art club.

The first part premiered on the MBS channel on January 14, and it has a 10.5% and a 12.5 percent rating respectively.

The first half has a total of 1.09 million viewers and 1.14 million viewers on the Crunchyroll channel.


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