What does it take to make friends globally?

In his latest video, Tim Kincaid speaks to Made in the UK’s Made in Britain team, as well as a few international friends who have made it as far as the UK.

He speaks to them about how to make the most of your local and global opportunities, and the ways in which your social networks make friends with different cultures.

We caught up with Made in London to find out how their team works.

Tim Kincamid: Why does it need to be a global team?

Tim Kinkade: It’s a global business.

We work in all the world’s languages, all the different regions, we work in different countries, and we’ve worked with people from every continent, from South Africa to Turkey to Japan.

So it’s an international business, so we need to have a global approach to how we work.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.

It needs to be global, because it’s such a powerful tool to help people in different parts of the world to make better connections and connect more effectively.

Al Jazeera: What are the requirements to make a friend?

Tim Kinkad: So if you have friends, you want them to feel safe, to feel supported, to be able to share their stories, to not feel like they’re alone in this world, because if they are, then they are.

So they need to feel like their friends are part of their family, and they need a voice and they’re allowed to have their voices heard.

So you need to take advantage of your network, you need a community of friends who are part the same team.

You need a group of people who know each other.

And we need people who are able to give that voice, and people who will share that voice.

We need to see each other’s stories and understand each other, so that people will feel more comfortable sharing their stories.

You can’t be shy about sharing your life story.

Al-Jazeera English: Do you use your international friends to make new friends?

TimKinkade : Yes.

We’re trying to make our friends globally more like us.

We’ve been doing that for years, and it’s the best way to build a new, international network of people.

So when we have a problem, if you know someone, you can just say, “hey, how are you doing?” or “I want to chat to you about something.”

So it makes the problem easier for everybody.

So we’ve been talking to the people in the local communities, and I’ve also been talking with other local people, and trying to get their advice and advice on what to do, and what to say.

So this is really what I do, but I also want to share it with other people.

And so we have people who work at local businesses in different cities, so they have their own business in the same way.

They have a different background, so it’s not the same.

But they all know what they’re doing.

They all share the same stories.

So I think that’s what we need in order to create a better global network.

So that we’re not creating a different world, we’re creating a better world, where everybody feels safe, where people are able and able to say what they want to say, where there’s a lot of empathy, and where people have a voice.

Al Jazeera English, Made in New York: Is there a particular reason why Made in The UK has chosen the UK?

Tim: I think Made in UK is a good place to be because we have been doing it here for a very long time.

And in terms of the global approach, we are very much committed to the idea that we should work together to build the world.

So if we have some problems, we can talk to the same people, we’ve had a lot to say about what we think about what’s going on, and hopefully we can solve those problems.

Al Queda Al-Ghaber: Are there specific things you think make Made in Germany special?

Tim : I think the biggest thing is that we have our own team.

We have a really good team, and our staff are really committed to making Made in German more globally accessible.

They’re committed to getting the best out of us.

They really want to get to know our staff and our customers.

They want to hear the stories of our employees, and get to hear their opinions and opinions on what we are doing.

So their opinions are very important to us, and that’s a really important part of making Made In The UK.

Al Ghaber, Made In Germany, Made UK: How does the UK connect with the global Made in France team?

Tim – we have to be open to people from the UK in our team, because we’ve got a lot going on in France.

So our biggest challenge is that


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