Indianapolis, Ind., is the place to be for ‘smart’ food and drink

Indianapolis, Indiana–“This is a city of smart people,” said Josh Gentry, a tech entrepreneur in Indianapolis.“There’s so much opportunity here, so much innovation.”The Indianapolis-based entrepreneur and tech leader, who lives in Indianapolis, was one of hundreds of thousands of people to gather for the annual “Start Up Indy” event on Monday.He and others took part […]

What is the best way to make Japanese friends in Japan?

A new Japanese study finds that making Japanese friends is a lot easier than making friends in the U.S. or in any other Asian country.In fact, making friends with people from countries other than your own can make you a better friend than your best friend.The researchers found that making friends and staying in close […]

How to Make Friends with Your Hippie: How to Find Your Perfect Friend

I’m not sure how much I’ve been on Instagram in the past couple of months, but I do know that I’ve started making friends with the likes of @jasonbruce and @david_vern, and I’ve also been in the process of creating new friendships with my fellow hippie community members.So, while I don’t have a formal network, […]

How to make xbox live friends, make minecraft friendship,make friends with Twiggle

In my last post I explained how to make friends with Minecraft friends using Twiggle.Today I want to show you how you can make friends through Twiggle with Minecraft.First you need to install Twiggle, follow the instructions on the site and you will have Twiggle as your friend.You can also use a third party application […]


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