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Which of the following best describes the life of a chikap:Achikap, a Japanese-American who’s a student at Harvard University, is best described as an aspiring writer, living in the Boston area. A native of China, she’s a fan of Japanese pop culture and Japanese animation, and enjoys Japanese cuisine, Japanese music, Japanese movies, Japanese anime, and Japanese video games. She was born in Tokyo, Japan, and is a third-generation Japanese-born Chinese American.Chikap has been known for her bold, sometimes provocative, and often hilarious tweets about the media and politics in her native country. A recent

for the Boston Globe, titled ‘Chikapo on the Warpath: How a Japanese Chikap is Taking On The American Left,’ was an immediate hit.Achakap also has a penchant for poking fun at people with disabilities, specifically, those who are mentally ill, and she’s also been known to troll celebrities and politicians on Twitter.Achakaps tweets frequently about […]

Fox makes friends with a bear,makes friends with cute bears

Fox makes friends in this adorable video of cute bears playing together.Fox made friends with this adorable bear at an Ontario animal shelter, as he was being given food.The bear’s name is Tazza, and he’s a member of a population of bear cubs that live in the woods of southern Ontario.The video ends with Tazzy […]

How to make friends with Snapchat and Instagram

Make friends with Snapchat and Instagram, the social network and video sharing app that’s gaining in popularity among millennials.The apps, which have been gaining in users and followers, will be able to add a new feature to their profile that lets users share pictures and videos.The new feature lets users choose whether to share a […]


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