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Japan: The first episode of Anime Maker makes its debut on TV in Japan

Japanese fans will soon be able to watch the first episode online in English as the official website for Anime Maker has officially opened up the site for English speaking fans to watch.The official anime channel of Japan’s MBS broadcaster NTV will begin streaming the first season of Anime Masterworks on Wednesday.The official Anime Maker […]

What to do when you get a new friend? The ‘best’ thing to say when you’re making a new acquaintance

You know you’re in a relationship when your friend says something like, ‘My friend is amazing.How do I say thank you?’You have to know what she means, and you have to be there.If you don’t have someone in the conversation who knows the meaning of the phrase, then you are probably not in a good […]

How to make friends with strangers and make new ones online

In the years since its launch in 2006, FriendTree has quickly grown into one of the most popular online communities for making friends.Its app is available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.But there is no Android app, no iOS app and no Windows Phone app.The app has more than 25 million active users worldwide.But the […]

How to make chinese pals online with a video game

Making friends online with games has never been easier thanks to the likes of the popular game “Chino Town” and “Minecraft”.The game allows players to make friends online, and now Minecraft and “Chinatown” are becoming your new favorite online games to play.Minecraft and “chinese friends” made friends online?What?This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a […]


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