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How to make friends on the go with Lego

Make friends with Lego.It’s the popular Lego-inspired kit that’s all about building with friends and making friends in your surroundings.The new edition, released in February, includes Lego-themed toys and other accessories, making it a great time for Lego lovers.But is it the right Lego for you?Here’s what you need to know about the Lego Friends […]

‘Made to Kill’ trailer makes it’s way to the US

Made to Kill is set in the fictional world of ‘the most lethal fighting machine ever built’ as the main character.The trailer features the world’s most lethal machine, a tank with a 100kg machine gun.RTE says the trailer will be screened at the New York Comic Con.It’s expected to air at midnight local time on […]

Lego Friends maker Lego to start production of LEGO Friends

Lego will begin mass production of its first-ever digital toys and accessories.The company said Thursday it will start selling LEGO Friends and Lego Friends sets as soon as early next year.It will make more toys for the Disney, Lucasfilm and Warner Bros. platforms, including figures of popular characters.The new digital toys are designed to be […]

What do you do if you don’t have a LEGO friend? Make your own!

Make your LEGO friends and make friends with the LEGO community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.You can also connect with other LEGO friends from around the world on Facebook.You’ll also get a few new LEGO friends to join your LEGO family.In this article, we’ll explore how to make friends on the go and share your […]


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