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UK’s ‘Make friends with Brits’ group ‘Make Britain Great Again’ has a global reach

A new Facebook group called Make Britain Great again has a worldwide reach of more than 2 million members.The group, created last month and dedicated to the British nation’s love for country, has attracted more than 5 million likes on Facebook, with a number of other social media sites.Members of the group have shared photos […]

What do you want to be when you grow up? – L’Equipe

The top 20 young players in the world are a little late to the party and that’s where L’Équipe’s Léo Valcke comes in.The French publication is proud to present the magazine’s 2017 Top 20 Young Footballers in France.The magazine also named the top five players of the world in their annual list of the Top […]

Alabama makes friends with Alabamians who made global friends

Alabama makes global friends with people who made local friends, according to a new survey.The state was one of just a handful of states where people were asked if they would make friends with someone who made a friend in another state.The state’s state-level surveys on making friends with friends revealed the results of an […]


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