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How to Make Friends With the Army in WWII

By the time he arrived at Fort Knox, the US Army was still reeling from the defeat of the First World War.Despite the US Government’s efforts to keep the war alive, the nation was facing the prospect of war with Japan and Germany.While there was an initial relief from this impending crisis, the war was […]

Oxford’s Facebook Messenger app is finally live – and now it has a Facebook page!

Oxford’s Facebook app has been live for the last few days and the app has gained a new name – “friends” – with a link to the new Facebook page.Oxford is now the first UK university to have a Facebook app, and it has the most active users of any university on the app.Oxbridge has […]

What do you do if you don’t have a LEGO friend? Make your own!

Make your LEGO friends and make friends with the LEGO community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.You can also connect with other LEGO friends from around the world on Facebook.You’ll also get a few new LEGO friends to join your LEGO family.In this article, we’ll explore how to make friends on the go and share your […]

How to Make Friends with Your Hippie: How to Find Your Perfect Friend

I’m not sure how much I’ve been on Instagram in the past couple of months, but I do know that I’ve started making friends with the likes of @jasonbruce and @david_vern, and I’ve also been in the process of creating new friendships with my fellow hippie community members.So, while I don’t have a formal network, […]


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